Thank you for 2022!

Danke für 2022! Frohe Weihnachten IZ Research

Thank you for 2022!

We would like to thank all our clients, business partners and colleagues for the positive and enjoyable collaboration this year. The IZ Research team strives every day to ensure that you always receive the usual high quality at IZ Research that you have come to expect from the Immobilien Zeitung. We bundle our comprehensive know-how and continuously update our data content. This year we also rolled out several releases to IZ Research, including the addition of the “News” and “Players” applications. An overview of our product enhancements in 2022 can be found in the following post.

Product Enhancements in 2022

New feature “News”

The “News” application gives you full access to the IZ Research news & source archive and allows you to read news on the properties, transactions, cities and players available in IZ Research as well as on search terms you have selected yourself. At the same time, you can individualise your search query and, thanks to our “Follow” function, you will be informed of news directly by email. You can find out more about this further development here.

New feature “Players”

Our “Players” application supports you in searching for specific companies, institutions and individuals with a focus on their spatial focus (geo-search), the type of use of the properties and their role in the market or industry. Find out more about this in the blog post “Our new players on IZ Research”.

New visual display of the “office submarkets” on the property details page

The visual display of “submarkets” on the property details page in the “Properties” application, makes it possible to show the most important published and submarket-related key figures in the context of a property that is being searched for – initially for the office category in the 7 A-cities as well as in 14 other cities throughout Germany. Read more.

Expanded data content on industry & logistics in the “Cities” application

We have expanded the market and structural data in the “Cities” application to include the Industry & Logistics asset class.

Switching our maps to OpenStreetMap

In the course of the summer release, we switched our maps to OpenStreetMap. This provides significantly better performance and more map-based analysis options.
Screenshot der Objektübersicht am Beispiel des Towers 185 in Frankfurt am Main

Yield map for higher transparency in the (sub-)market locations

The new yield map enables the representation of (sub-)market locations of a city which are likely to have similar yield values for the real estate types of office, residential as well as logistics. You can read more about this further development in this blog post.

Keyword search in “Transactions” and “Properties” as a new filter element

The new keyword search in the “Properties” application can be used to specifically search for certain properties (e.g. student housing or childcare centres).

Office employment rate as an indicator of potential office space requirements

The office employment rate – an important indicator for describing the local demand for office space – indicates what percentage of employees subject to social insurance contributions at their place of work use an office for their professional activities. This makes it possible to derive the number of office jobs needed and, from this, the demand for office space in the respective city. In IZ Research’s “Cities” application, we currently provide the office employment rates for 127 cities and district towns. Find out more.

Bürobeschäftigte und Bürobeschäftigtenquote 2022

Worldwide search for transactions and properties in the maps

Using the “Transactions” and “Properties” applications on IZ Research, you can also expand your spatial search outside Germany. For example, you can display known and recorded properties throughout Europe or the transaction activity recorded in IZ Research in North America. Read more on worldwide search for transactions and properties.

Polygone speichern, löschen und bearbeiten.

Market areas (polygons) can be edited

Optimise your search query with the help of the map: You can edit your drawn and already saved market areas (polygons). To the blog post.
Einzeichnung eigener Polygone

Building ensembles and their associated properties

In the “Properties” application, building ensembles and their associated properties are now displayed. In the “Overview” area you will find the new field “Ensemble”. There, all properties belonging to the ensemble are listed, which in turn are linked to the respective property details page. Read more.
Anwendung Objekte am Beispiel der Macherei in München

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