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Research made easy on a single platform!

We provide the data basis for your successful graduation.
Our platform and its applications form the perfect data basis for the German real estate market with 251,000+ articles, 59,500+ transaction records, 10,993 cities and 47,600+ properties and projects.

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Screenshot of the city overview of the city of Kiel on IZ Research


Draw reliable conclusions about the property you are evaluating, based on information about comparable properties. Whether purchase or rental prices, property type or type of use, space, vacancy rates or owner structures: This is where you find a comprehensive overview.

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Overview of all transactions

IZ Research has been continuously compiling and processing real estate transactions with a focus on the German market since 2006. In addition, numerous categories can be selected, such as asset classes, areas and buyers, and these transaction lists can be exported in Excel format.

Screenshot of the overview of transactions of the city of Düsseldorf on IZ Research
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Find the right players

This feature provides data on companies, financial products and institutions in the real estate industry. Find out about market players and their roles such as agents, investors, project developers or owners.

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Structural and market data on cities and municipalities

This is where you can access precise market data on the office, retail, hotel, industry, logistics and residential asset classes. We provide data on the socio-economic framework conditions for all German cities and municipalities.
Screenshot of the city overview of Magdeburg on IZ Research
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Full access to our news and source archive

The news and source archive gives you access to all news on the properties, transactions, cities and players available in IZ Research as well as on search terms you have selected yourself.
The convenient Follow function ensures that you never miss a news item on your chosen topic.

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