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The “News” application gives you full access to the IZ Research News & Source archive and allows you to read news on the properties, transactions, cities, players available in IZ Research, as well as news about your selected search terms.
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Search systematically for relevant news and sources! IZ quality guaranteed!

Our editorial team review every article to ensure that you always receive the high quality you have come to expect from Immobilien Zeitung.
We collect all published news from Immobilien Zeitung, other affiliated papers of the dfv media group as well as relevant news from third-party sources, covering the period from the year 2000 to today. This allows you to instantly and easily view all published news on a specific property or player.

Easily find the news that is most important to you!

Individualise your search queries with a variety of filter options and explore the world of information that is relevant to you.

Brand new: By using the topic filter, you can select specific topics such as construction activity, environment and sustainability or corporate activities as well as the corresponding keywords and only receive news that matches your specific interests.

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Create your own newsletter!

Create your own individual, ad-free newsletter using the “Follow” function:

  • Follow your searches for property sales, rentals, properties, companies or important individuals.
  • Be automatically informed by email when there is news.
  • Determine the interval you would like: ad hoc, daily, weekly or monthly.


You will also find the keywords on the news detail pages. Click on a keyword to return to the news list with the corresponding filter.

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