New Data Partnership with empirica regio

Data Partner empirica regio IZ Research

New Data Partnership with empirica regio

Immobilien Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH is pleased to announce its data partnership with empirica regio GmbH for the IZ Research platform.
As a result, we can now combine IZ Research’s expertise with empirica regio’s many years of professional know-how about the German housing market for our clients.

“By entering into a partnership with empirica regio, we have gained an experienced and high-profile data partner. We can offer our clients the most important key figures on the housing market, based on a sound and established data model,” says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research at Immobilien Zeitung.

The success of IZ Research is based on a strong innovative approach, the agile further development of content and applications and the combination of its own data and that of external providers. The top priority is always the benefit to our clients. Through the targeted integration of external data based on a valid data model, we can constantly expand the data content on IZ Research both quantitatively and qualitatively.

“We are pleased that we can now also deliver regionalised forecasts and economic data for the real estate industry via IZ Research. This is an important step towards further establishing our platform in the industry,” explains Jan Grade, Managing Director of empirica regio GmbH.

Comprehensive data set for the description and analysis of the housing market

In addition to the data from GEWOS, a comprehensive data set from empirica regio is now available to our clients for the description and analysis of the local and regional housing market in the “Cities” application on IZ Research. In addition to the forecasts calculated by empirica regio on the development of the number of inhabitants and households, rents and purchase prices for both existing and new properties, yields and four-digit multipliers are displayed in the Housing Market table in the respective familiar tabs. A completely new addition is the forecast of the demand for new apartments, both in total and differentiated according to newly constructed apartments and detached houses. In addition, for the first time, the apartment vacancy rate is shown in the form of an accounting vacancy rate, a vacancy index and a vacancy forecast. Another new indicator that is important for analysing the market environment is the average purchase value for land ready for construction, which can be found in the new tab of the same name. All values are presented as a time series from 2013 onwards. The forecasts for population, households, demand for new buildings and vacancies are calculated in three variants up to 2035.

Technical interface guarantees highest possible level of current data

By using empirica regio’s technical interface (API), updated or recalculated data can be immediately uploaded to IZ Research so that we can guarantee the highest possible level of current data. The data on rents and purchase prices from the empirica property price index is available as quarterly values and is updated four times a year. All other data is currently available as annual values and is updated by empirica regio throughout the year according to the availability of the required data basis. When updating the forecasts, the entire time series is usually updated once a year. The underlying base year also changes once a year.

About IZ Research

Immobilien Zeitung is one of the leading specialist journals for the real estate industry in Germany. The weekly print edition is supplemented by the website and the daily newsletter IZ aktuell. This knowledge and digital know-how are bundled in IZ Research ( IZ Research is a research and analysis tool and includes the applications Transactions, Properties, Cities, Players and News and provides real estate market data. Real estate companies are supported in creating market and location analyses for the rental and transaction market on a geographic basis, analysing market risks and potentials, observing the competition or developing suitable target groups, among other things.

IZ Research is based on the extensive knowledge of Immobilien Zeitung and distinguishes itself through its neutrality and credibility. IZ Research’s database is easy to use and provides reliable content, making all real estate-relevant data available with just a few clicks. It is cloud-based and can be used worldwide at any time. In addition, IZ Research’s API interface enables efficient data integration into the client’s respective system.

About empirica regio

empirica regio GmbH specialises in the processing, analysis and provision of regional data for the real estate industry. Its market and context data provide analysts, researchers and investors with meaningful decision-making fundamentals and background information from a single source without the need for time-consuming research and processing. The empirica regional database is updated on an ongoing basis and provides a broad, reliable database for a variety of issues, including those beyond the A and B cities.

Would you like to receive market data on the demand and the supply on the housing market of German cities and districts in order to inform yourself about future housing needs as well as investment opportunities and in order to develop concepts for housing in line with demand? This data is now available in the structural data as well as in the housing market table on the city details page of IZ Research.


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