IZ Research – Version 1.3 adds new features to Comparables

IZ Research Release 2018-08

August 3, 2018 by IZ Research Blog

Would you like to see transaction data on selected real estate properties, be able to better assess demographic trends or search effectively for real estate operators throughout Germany? Then take a look at IZ Comparables, which offers new functions with Research Version 1.3. Let us briefly introduce these functions to you:

Transaction data on the property detail page.

In IZ Comparables, our bundled knowledge of rental, purchase and portfolio acquisition transactions is now available to you in a clear form for your property analysis. This includes information on the transaction date, the price (if known), the traded asset class, the volume and the players involved.

To do so, simply perform a search in IZ Comparables and then click on the name of the property you are interested in. On the details page that opens, scroll down to “Transactions” – the following video shows you how it works:


Google Chart in the structural data

Version 1.3 of IZ Research contains further improvements in IZ Comparables. With version 1.2 we already added structural data on the location of a property, e.g. on population development or the labour market of a city. You can now easily have a visual display of this data via Google Chart to identify development trends:


Standardised filtering of operators and operator lists now available

Our aim is to guarantee you optimal search results in IZ Comparables via easy-to-understand and sector-relevant filter options. The feedback from our clients is very important to us here. We received feedback that the search for real estate operators in Germany was too complicated because there were too many individual operator filters.

We have now simplified this and combined all the relevant filter options under one “Operator” role. In addition, operator lists can now also be viewed via the Player tab. We demonstrate how both work here with a Germany-wide search that delivers all properties where we have operator information in a compact form: https://youtu.be/26kU3H92aDQ


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