The Next Level of Real Estate Analysis

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The May release brings new and exciting features that enable real estate investors, project developers and expansion managers to analyse the real estate market even more precisely using IZ Research and to identify trends at an early stage. In particular, the new filters, which allow you to select the type and development phase of a property, offer improved usability.

More Details in the “Status/Construction History” Filter in IZ Properties

The improved “Status/Construction History” filter in the “Properties” application and in the IZ Research API now allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis based on the life cycle of a property. This allows you to distinguish not only between property and project, but also between type (redevelopment/modernisation or reconstruction/conversion) as well as phases of the project development.
The time filter allows you not only to access information on individual properties, but also to select projected properties and display the construction history of buildings that have already been completed. In this way, trends and changes over time can be identified at an early stage. This function enables investors to better recognise investment opportunities. Project developers can observe where their competitor properties stand and align their projects accordingly while expansion managers can use the time filter to find the right property at an early stage in order to tap into new locations.
Regardless of whether you are interested in a specific project type or a specific development phase: the application update gives you quick access to the use cases.

Overview of Certified Properties

The “Properties” application now also offers an overview of sustainable and digitally networked commercial properties. The certification of buildings has established itself in recent years as an important basis for defining criteria and creating standards that ensure the sustainable and digital use of buildings. In the “Properties” application, you will now find properties that have been tested and awarded by nationally and internationally recognised certification organisations. For the certified properties, you will receive information on the type of certificate (sustainability or connectivity/smart building), the name of the certifying institute as well as the respective quality level and the status of the certification (aspired, pre-certified, certified). Further insights about certifications.

The filter element, which makes these criteria selectable, helps you in your targeted search for certified properties.
In this way you have the assurance that the properties you are looking for are planned or developed sustainably and in line with the market.

New topic filter for news

In the “News” application, there is now a topic filter that allows you to search for news more quickly and in a more targeted way. From now on, you can filter by specific topics such as construction activity, environment and sustainability or corporate activities, as well as the keywords they contain, and will only receive the news that is relevant to you.

Practical tips:

The selected keywords are also displayed on the respective news detail pages (blue box on the right-hand side). Clicking on one of these keywords on the detail page will take you back to the news list where you will find the default filter with the keyword. Combine the new topic filters with the “Follow” function and receive individual results directly to your email inbox in the future.


The May release of IZ Research offers you even more possibilities to analyse the real estate market more precisely and to identify trends at an early stage. In particular, the improved filter “Status/Construction History” and the possibility to select certified properties will offer significant added value for your analyses in the future.

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