Commercial rental and purchase transactions at a glance

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Image with tablet. which transaction overview of Germany shows

Quick overview of published transactions

Use a wide range of selection options to quickly find the information that is relevant to you. Filter by time period, asset class, property status, space, prices, buyers, tenants, sellers, landlords or agents, among others. 
Screenshot der Transaktionsdetails der Osloer Straße 5 in Frankfurt am Main auf IZ Research
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We have the sources!

You can of course rely on our high standards of quality. For each transaction you will find the source reference on the details page. This contains all important transaction details as well as information on the project location displayed in an overview map. 

Expert Tip: Draw and save a polygon around your market areas

Did you know that in this feature you can draw and save a polygon around your own market area and then receive or observe transactions for this selected area?
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Screenshot of the overview of transactions of the city of Düsseldorf on IZ Research

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