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Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research at Immobilien Zeitung, regularly discusses current topics with our data partners as part of the ongoing webinar series “… meets IZ Research”.

Screen vom Live-Webinar IIB meets IZ Research

On February 14th, a webinar titled ‘IIB meets IZ Research’ was held. Katarina Ivankovic, Managing Director of the renowned IIB Institute, discussed the current challenges faced by investors, homeowners, and brokers.

After Ms Ivankovic’s presentation, the participants were given a live demonstration into the versatile functions of the housing market analysis, which has been offering new possibilities with an interactive dashboard since autumn 2023.

This tool provides customers with residential location maps and other theme maps such as broadband availability and flood risks. It also includes important key figures such as asking prices and sales prices of comparable properties, as well as information on price trends and price ranges (selected by house type and year of construction).

A special highlight: Users can now customise the IIB Property Reference Value by entering value-increasing or value-decreasing factors. For more information, visit https://iz-research.com/en/products/housing-market-analysis.

The subsequent short survey of webinar participants revealed a clear picture: the need for sound market data is greater than ever. In fact, 62% of the participants rely on data from sources such as IZ Research and Housing Market Analysis when assessing the housing market.

We also repeated the survey on LinkedIn. Interesting: More than half of the participants also rely on market data, e.g. from IZ Research and Housing Market Analysis, when assessing the housing market. However, there is a certain divergence in the assessment of the development of transaction volumes on the residential property market. While 44% of the respondents expect a decrease, 56% expect an increase.

Titelbild der Kurzumfrage zum Wohungsmarkt
Umfrage-Ergebnis 1 zur Kurzumfrage Wohnungsmarkt
Umfrageergebnis 2 zur Kurzumfrage Wohnungsmarkt
Umfrageergebnis Kurzumfrage 3 zum Wohnungsmarkt

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