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We have some interesting news for you right at the start of the new year.
IZ Research has received another feature update that will further improve your market data research and analysis options this year.

New tenant and landlord roles in the “Players” application

An important enhancement at IZ Research is the introduction of two additional roles in the “Players” application: tenants and landlords. This gives you a deeper insight into the real estate market. You can easily access letting-relevant key figures and find out the number of properties/projects leased by specific companies and the space they occupy. This provides a comprehensive view of letting activities in terms of quantity and space allocation. In addition, activity is broken down by city and asset class, giving you an accurate insight into local rental markets and specific sectors.

Screen of the application Actors - role of landlord

More efficient analysis thanks to seamless connection between the “Players” and “Properties” applications

Imagine you read in the Immobilien Zeitung dated December 22, 2023, about the opening of seven new branches of the non-food discounter Action. Now you want to take a closer look at this market player. How can IZ Research help you?
Within the “News” application, the article is accessible, and all pertinent transactions are linked using keywords. Clicking on the keyword “Transaction 1” will take you directly to the details (see illustration).

Screen News Transactions
Screen Transaction details of a player

Would you like to get more detailed information about this player?

It’s easy! Simply enter “Action” in the search field in the “Players” application. A single click directs you to the overview page where you’ll find crucial details, as illustrated with the “Tenant” role. In the chart “Rented space by asset class” you can clearly see the growth in space in Q4 2023.

Screen of the actor Action in the role of tenant
New: This release of IZ Research’s current version provides a seamless connection between the “Players” and “Properties” applications. Now it is not only possible to select players and switch to object analysis, but also vice versa. The new “Show in players” button in the object application takes you directly to the search page of the “Players” application. There, all previously selected players are highlighted in colour and placed at the top of the results list. This new feature enables a more efficient and targeted analysis, as you can easily switch between functions.

Expert tip

How to use the new feature to create a ranking of tenants for large office spaces in Frankfurt:
  1. go to the “Properties” application and filter by Frankfurt, office buildings with more than 10,000 square meters and a time period of one year.
  2. in the “Players” tab, you will see a list of the largest tenants. By clicking on the new “Show in Players” button, you can transfer them directly to the “Tenants” application.
  3. there you can easily sort the list into a ranking for your sales purposes.
This is how easy it is to create a ranking of tenants of large office spaces in Frankfurt in order to optimize your analyses and sales strategies.
Screen Players Role details
Screen show in properties

Improve your analysis with this new feature. Simply switch between the functions to find exactly the information you need. Try it out and see how easy your research can be!

Focus on location data: information-rich property profiles

Location-based information forms the basis for the analysis and valuation of real estate. IZ Research has taken an important step in this direction: map-based data is now displayed directly on the property or project details page. This new function opens up a wide range of possibilities, including the display of current standard land values based on the standard land value map for the selected property or project. The flood risk is also taken into account. You can quickly and accurately determine whether a property is located in a flood zone and what the probability of occurrence is. This helps to assess risks and plan strategically. The integration of map-based information directly into the property profile simplifies access and increases the efficiency of your search. Instead of accessing the location-relevant information via the map manager and the selected map as before, this information is now also available directly on the property details page.

Screen of an object with location information

Enhanced API for geoanalysis

Our API has been improved to include map-based geodata such as land values and flood hazards. This opens up new possibilities for geoanalysis in your own applications. This geo-based location information provides you with a comprehensive tool, e.g. for assessing the impact of locations in flood-prone areas on your real estate portfolio or for estimating the land value of your properties based on the applicable standard land values.
You can find an overview of this in our documentation: api.iz-research.de.

Screen 6 Blog Neujahrsrelease - API

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