Future-proofing for digital property concepts in IZ Research

WiredScore: Future-proofing for digital property concepts in IZ Research

Future-proofing buildings: WiredScore‘s rating system for digital infrastructure and property connectivity in IZ Research

A high level of digital connectivity is essential for modern business processes. The modern property must therefore fulfil these requirements in order to meet the needs of users. Thanks to our new data partnership with WiredScore, IZ Research now provides a detailed insight into the digital infrastructure of properties. WiredScore is the only company in the world that assesses and certifies the digital infrastructure and connectivity of properties.

Do the following scenarios sound familiar?

You’ve scheduled a video conference with your team, need to download important files from the cloud or are working in parallel with your general contractor on a digital planning process. Suddenly, the screen freezes or the internet connection is constantly interrupted despite the fact that the broadband supply at your location is supposed to be reliable. Frustrating, isn’t it?
Cube Berlin WiredScore - SmartScore, Platin zertifiziert (08.10.2022), Foto: I. M. Lang
Cube Berlin WiredScore - SmartScore, Platinum certified (08.10.2022), Photo: I. M. Lang

The importance of connectivity for companies

Around 70 percent of all companies worldwide now use cloud systems in their day-to-day business, whether to expand storage and computing capacities, to optimise IT costs or to access and back up data and applications from almost anywhere. A reliable internet connection is essential. In addition to the cost savings associated with the provision of a comprehensive IT infrastructure, cloud services have other distinct advantages: they promote digital, collaborative processes and a company’s ability to innovate.

The key role of network quality for property value and user experience

Properties that are to fulfil these user requirements today must guarantee reliable networks. Only then can digital business processes run smoothly. Connectivity can also help project developers and property owners to protect the environment by integrating various technologies within a property, for example to optimise energy consumption and promote a more sustainable use of the building. The network quality at the location is therefore key to increasing the value of property assets.

Although the external connection may be sound, structural building features such as thick walls, reinforced concrete and limited internal network resources can significantly affect the quality of the internet connection within the building. This dilemma leads to users struggling with slow connections, interruptions and inefficient data transfer despite sufficient broadband coverage. These challenges hinder the fulfilment of their digital requirements, leading to slow response times and disrupted communication and data flows. Ultimately, this results in reduced productivity and competitiveness.
This tension between good broadband availability at the property location and poor network quality within the property can quickly lead to the choice of property or location being called into question.

WiredScore certification: Global standards for digital real estate concepts

To ensure consistent and reliable connectivity, holistic planning and optimisation of the external and internal network infrastructure is required. WiredScore specialises in this area and supports project developers and property owners worldwide with optimisation and implementation.

The WiredScore certification evaluates the digital infrastructure and connectivity of properties and is considered the global standard. To date, 700 clients in 160 cities have already had their buildings certified by WiredScore. The following factors are assessed as part of the certification process:

  • Reliability
  • User experience
  • Adequate mobile phone coverage
  • Choice of network operators
  • Future-proofing and flexibility of the digital infrastructure with regard to technological progress
Screen Objekte Filter Zertifikate WiredScore

Your benefit from IZ Research

In IZ Research Properties you can find all certified existing properties and project developments, differentiated according to the certification levels

  • Certified
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Thanks to the cooperation with WiredScore, all IZ Research users can now benefit from a fast, consistently up-to-date and complete overview of certified properties.


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