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Compare & Analyse Properties

The Properties application gives you access to 33,500+ properties in Germany, of which 10,800+ provide purchase prices and / or rents and 2,500+ provide yields.

Draw reliable conclusions about your property to be valued, based on comparable properties. Search for comparable properties according to location, asset class, purchase prices and market values, transactions and market players.


Receive important facts & figures about each property (also in historical sequence) such as building types, types of use, tenants, brokers / agents and owners. This also includes information such as rental prices, purchase prices, annual rental income, investment sums, vacancy rates or structural data of the respective location. In addition, you will also receive all the information we have gathered about all other properties in the area including transaction data, market data and relevant news from the Immobilien Zeitung.


Overview of the Property Data

IZ Research API

Immediate and media-interruption-free access to IZ Research via interface for efficient data integration and support of digital processes.

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Office Markets (New)

With the Submarkets dashboard on the property detailspage in the Properties feature, we have developed a dashboard that makes it possible to display the most important published and submarket-related key figures related to a property you are searching for.

The dashboard displays a table with an overview of the information available while at the same time displaying the location of the searched property within the assigned submarket. Furthermore, the dashboard contains various charts that show the development of these key figures over time and in comparison to the overall market of the respective city. In this way, data and location within a submarket are brought into correlation. This dashboard now provides a simplified evaluation of the market environment for properties.

Better assess a property or a potential construction project in relation to the immediate market environment. Also determine to what extent the market development within the respective sub-location offers good letting opportunities in the medium term and enables a sustainable return.

Travel Times

How far away from a property is the nearest main or regional railway station or airport? And how long is the journey time there using a selected means of transport?

Our Travel Times dashboard answers all these questions. Get an overview of the distances and travel times e. g., routes and journey time in minutes, to the most important points of interest (PoI) such as the city centre, the main or regional railway station or the airport.