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IZ Properties: Accessibility and Travel Times of a Property – in Real Time.

How far away from a property is the nearest main or regional railway station or airport? And how long is the journey time there by a selected means of transport? How far is the city centre from the particular property and how quickly can it be reached by bike or public transport? Or is it easy to get there on foot?

Our new “Travel Times” feature on IZ Properties can now answer all of these questions for you.

Investment in a location is determined by market conditions, i.e., market size and structure. Of similar importance is the local infrastructure and thus also the accessibility. ” Prior to a project developer starting the construction of a property or an investor buying a property or a company deciding to rent office space in a new location, they always check not only the market conditions and property-specific factors, but also how accessible the property in question is for its potential users,” says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research.

Now, you can simply go to IZ Properties and click on the details page of the property of your choice to find this information. Below the property summary, there is now an overview of the distances and travel times to the most important points of interest (POI) such as the city centre, the main or regional railway station and the airport.

The accessibility overview is already available for all properties located in the seven cities classified as “A” cities, as well as in our demo example city of Hanover. In just a few weeks’ time, this information will also be available for all properties throughout the rest of Germany.

“A comprehensive property analysis needs to include the analysis and evaluation of location-relevant factors, which should also include the accessibility of a property. As a result, you also get to know the neighbourhood environment better in the course of the property analysis and can better locate the property within the urban context,” Lang continues.

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