Version 4.0: The German real estate market is international – IZ Research is now as well

IZ Research has reached another milestone with version 4.0. IZ Cities, IZ Properties as well as IZ Transactions are now also available in English. This means that IZ Research can provide real estate players coming from an international background even easier access to information on markets, locations and property data for the German real estate market.

The real estate industry is international and part of the globalised economy. „The German real estate market in particular has become an important and safe investment location for many investors in recent years“, says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research from the Immobilien Zeitung.

Investors and experts who are not based in the German real estate market need a comprehensive overview of the individual regional markets as well as their trends and properties. Therefore, they require reliable, valid and, above all, quickly accessible market and structural data in English. We are responding to this requirement by offering IZ Research bilingually. „With the English version, we can now directly reach a larger circle of players and do justice to the internationality of the German real estate market,“ Lang was pleased to say.

Within this context, the applications have also been renamed IZ Research: IZ Locations is now called Cities, you can now find the IZ Comparables atProperties and the Transaction database is called Transactions.

About IZ Research

IZ Research is a data platform for the German real estate industry. Immobilien Zeitung has been working on the database since 2016 with the aim of making the German real estate market more transparent and providing the real estate industry with a comprehensive database. In addition to the properties, transaction database and locations, IZ Research also includes a residential market analysis and an extensive database for real estate market reports (IZ Reportfinder). All solutions are cloud-based and can be used worldwide at any time. Currently, 20 software developers, 15 data editors, who are in close collaboration with the 25-strong core editorial team of the Immobilien Zeitung, as well as numerous experts from the areas of user experience and web architecture are working on the product. Learn more on FacebookTwitterYouTube, im Blog oder auf


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