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Our new “Players” feature on IZ Research

Our new “Players” feature on IZ Research

Are you looking for information about your market and competitive environment? Are you specifically looking for new customers, whether for renting out your space or for selling your property? Do you need real estate agents who can assist you with the sale or rental of your property? Would you like to find the most important players in a local property market and new business partners? The new “Players” feature gives you a comprehensive insight into the activities in a particular market.

Throughout the life cycle of a property, numerous players are involved in specific roles and with specific activities, such as project developers, owners, investors and tenants. You can now visually display their activities in geospatial terms (e.g., by city, address) and with a view to the focus of your business (buying, selling, renting, letting, building, managing) and your preferred type of use.

The ” Players ” feature on IZ Research supports you in your search for specific companies, institutions and individuals with a focus on their spatial focus (geo-search), their type of use as well as their role in the market or industry.

For example, thanks to numerous selection options, you can find out which players are currently or were in the past active in which cities/submarkets. You can also find out who is currently involved or has been involved in the past with which asset class.

Due to a wide range of selection options, you can now:

  • Find companies and institutions in a targeted way and get to know their location and/or investment profile.
  • Receive information on all the activities known to us of your target groups or customer segments (tenants, operators, owners of properties).
  • Obtain information on all activities and roles known to us of your (potential) business partners (AM, FM, PM, banks, etc.) or find new business partners by means of a targeted search.
  • Specifically analyse competitors, for example according to their geospatial activity and in relation to the selected type of use or role.
  • Find information on buyers in relation to an asset class and city.

Find more information about the new “Players” feature at Interested in a test? Contact our sales department directly at

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