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IZ Research – Version 1.2 is now live

Mai 3, 2018 by IZ Research Blog

Do you need purchase prices and/or rents, transaction data, vacancy rates or comparative data for property or market valuations? IZ Research bundles the knowledge and digital expertise of the Immobilien Zeitung. We are constantly improving our offering to optimally match market analyses to your needs.

Our research platform is now available in version 1.2. We have further improved the IZ Properties analysis tool for you. Here is a selection of the most important new features.

Note: For the best display of the thumbnails, please view them in full-screen mode and set the quality to 1080p (HD) in the Youtube settings of the respective video (via the “cogwheel”).

Structural Data Available Now

In addition, you will find comprehensive structural data for the last seven years (2010 – 2017) on each detailed page of a German property for the respective city in the IZ Properties.

This data include: demographic data on population development and structure (households), current data on the labour market as well as key figures on purchasing power, the construction industry and use of space (click on “full screen” to enlarge):

Search for Comparable Properties Throughout Germany

From now on, you can also search for “Germany” or the 16 federal states (e.g. Hesse, Bavaria, Saxony) in IZ Properties. This enables you to compare properties all over Germany or to search according to your individual needs.

It is now possible, for example, to see all retail properties in Germany that are more than 5,000 m2 in size and have been traded as a purchase/portfolio acquisition in the last 24 months. We show you how to do this here:

New Filter Functions in the Players Tab

With Release 1.2, you can now search even more accurately for the last activity of any player. This will give you a better overview of the market and competition in future.

Would you like to know which properties Corpus Sireo was active in, in Germany, as a buyer, seller, landlord or agent in the last 24 months? This is how you can find out:

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