All IZ news is now also available in English in IZ Research

alle Nachrichten in IZ Research auf englisch verfügbar

From now on, English-speaking users of IZ Research will not only have access to the database with all its functionalities in English, but also to the corresponding news from the Immobilien Zeitung on transactions, properties, cities and players.

Over the past few weeks, we have had the entire news archive of the Immobilien Zeitung – almost half a billion characters – translated by the translation provider DeepL into English for our new English version of IZ Research. In the future, the translations of current news will be carried out on a daily basis. This ensures that all current news is also available to our users in the English version and is always fully up-to-date.

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Sustainability starts with the right choice of location. Recent summers have been marked by prolonged heat waves, drought and extreme weather conditions such as violent thunderstorms, heavy rain and flooding . The experts at the German Meteorological Service and other climate researchers agree: such extreme weather conditions will become more frequent , as the consequences of climate change will also become increasingly visible in Germany.

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