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Version 3.5 Residential Market Data

In Version 3.5, IZ Cities and IZ Properties provides the following key figures on the residential market from our cooperation partners:

GEWOS data for 107 cities:

  • Data from the WohnInvestmentProspect (WIP) = comprehensive analyses for investments in residential real esate across all county districts and autonomous cities in Germany. (Quelle: GEWOS)
  • Rent and Purchase Prices (average, new construction, current)
  • Purchase Price Factor/Gross Net Yield

F+B Data for 2,935 cities and municipalities:

  • Rent and Purchase Prices for all German municipalities with a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants (average, new construction, current); differentiated according to type of residential building (apartments, 1-family houses/detached, 2-family houses/semi-detached etc.)

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