Version 3.5: Market data complemented by residential asset class and individual city rankings possible

From now on, you will find the housing market data for 2,930+ German cities and municipalities on the detail pages* of IZ Standorte and IZ Comparables – perfect for customers who need information on the current and forecast development of housing demand as well as assessments of the price situation. Furthermore, a new feature facilitates the targeted comparison of cities in IZ Standorte.

„With the institutes F+B Forschung und Beratung für Wohnen, Immobilien und Umwelt GmbH and GEWOS Institut für Stadt-, Regional- und Wohnforschung GmbH, we have won two powerful and well-known cooperation partners who together provide the most important key figures on the housing market for around 3,000 German cities,“ says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research at Immobilien Zeitung.

In addition to rental and purchase prices, the new release provides you with further relevant key figures on the housing market of German cities and municipalities, such as data on the gross initial yield or the current and historical demand and supply status. Use this data to create analyses of future housing demand and investment opportunities and develop concepts for needs-based housing. „Based on this data, our clients can now better assess the relevant housing market and optimally weigh up risks and opportunities for housing construction measures or for the purchase or sale of residential properties,“ says Lang.

Visualisation of housing market data provides a quick overview

By the integration of the residential market data in IZ Research, Immobilien Zeitung is continuously completing the research tool with market data on all asset classes. Office market data for 120+ cities (the complete list can be found here), retail market data for 190+ cities (the complete list can be found here) as well as hotel market data on 50+ cities (the complete list can be found here).

With version 3.5, you will find the following key figures of our cooperation partners on the housing market in IZ Locations and IZ Comparables:

GEWOS-Data about 107 Cities:

  • Data from the WohnInvestmentProspect (WIP) = area-wide analyses for investments in residential real estate in all counties and self-governing cities in Germany (Source: GEWOS)
  • Rent and purchase prices (general, new construction, current)
  • purchase price factor/gross initial yield

F+B data about 2,935 cities and municipalities:

  • Rent and purchase prices for all German municipalities with a size of 5,000 inhabitants or more (general, new construction, existing); differentiated by type of housing (apartments), single-family houses, double houses, etc.)

By the way: You can find information on the terminology related to the housing market data in IZ Research in our glossary.

*Within the next few weeks, the data will also be available on the search page of IZ Standorte as well as in the key facts on the details page.


In addition, from this version in IZ Cities you have the option of „pinning“ your desired locations. This makes it possible to carry out city comparisons in a more targeted way in future and to generate individual city rankings. To do this, simply select your desired location in the results list by ticking the filter „highlight/remove city“ (found on the far right) – the line is now highlighted in colour and comes first in the listing. You can add to your list by „pinning“ further locations from the results list or by selecting them directly via the search function.

„Pinning“ of cities enables a targeted comparison of cities

Your advantages at a glance:

  • „Pinning“ selected cities in the results table ( searching page) without the complete listing disappearing.
  • Listing continues to react to the application of the filters
  • Focused comparison of selected cities and filtered result set for a first overview (example: How do Mainz and Wiesbaden perform in comparison to A-locations?)
  • Independent sorting of the pinned elements as well as the standard listing
  • Sorting remains with Excel export

About IZ Research

IZ Research is a dataplatform for the German real estate industry. Immobilien Zeitung has been working on the database since 2016 with the aim of making the German real estate market more transparent and providing the real estate industry with a comprehensive database. In addition to the properties, transaction database and locations, IZ Research also includes a residential market analysis and an extensive database for real estate market reports (IZ Reportfinder). All solutions are cloud-based and can be used worldwide at any time. Currently, 20 software developers, 15 data editors, who are in close collaboration with the 25-strong core editorial team of the Immobilien Zeitung, as well as numerous experts from the areas of user experience and web architecture are working on the product. Learn more on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, im Blog oder auf


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