Version 3.4: New data API, Demo Version and improvements on the transaction details page

From now on, it is possible to integrate our data directly, quickly and easily into your systems via our data API, to process it further and to analyse it for business purposes. In addition, interested visitors can now use our demo version to extensively test all of IZ Research’s product functionalities. In addition, a lot has happened in the background.

„In addition to many small improvements in the existing applications that improve stability and performance, the new release primarily includes the supply of a technical data interface (API). This gives our costumers the opportunity to integrate the IZ Research data into their own in-house systems without interrupting the media,“ says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research.

The integration of external data into one’s own internal systems is often resource- and time-consuming and also vulnerable to errors. With the Data API this problem can be optimally solved. The documentation of the API follows the OpenAPI 3 specification. To view the documentation and try out the API, we provide a Swagger-generated interface at

Are you interested? Please contact our sales team via our contact form.

strong>Your advantages at a glance:

  • Immediate and media-interruption-free access to IZ Research
  • Automation of repetitive analysis routines
  • Interface for efficient data integration and support of digital processes of our customers

In addition, potential customers can now get a comprehensive impression of the possibilities offered by IZ Research with our demo version. Whether you are a guest, basic or premium customer, test all the functions of IZ Research with the demo version, in which we offer all the ocation information, properties and transactions using the example of the city of Hanover. For example, filter by the players in the office property market in Hanover or get an overview of the published property transactions.

In addition to the development of the API and the demo version, we have above all improved the stability and performance of the existing applications. In addition, the previous version of the transaction database, which was still based on an old technical foundation, was finally switched off with the new release. With the new transaction database, a number of new functions have already been available to you since October 2019, such as:

  • The division into 3 transaction modes with specific filters
  • Improved statistics in a new layout
  • A map thats view results and radius search
  • Optimize Exportfunction
  • A refreshed transaction detail page with the Key Facts and the News Source

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