Version 3.2: IZ Research delivers…

Excel Export

…a comprehensive export of the objects via the IZ Properties result list. Your search results can be sorted by topic and are easier to use thanks to a new page count.

In addition, you will now find selected statistics in the transaction database for a quick overview of your search results. See at a glance how many properties and projects are in your search results and in which asset classes they are shared, as well as the top cities and the top players.

Statistics to provide a quick overview.

Thanks to an improved map view in the transaction database, you can see at a glance how many rentals and sales are distributed across the regions and cities.

Improved Map View

“We are continually developing IZ Research and I am pleased that we are releasing version 3.2 after only six weeks as planned,” says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research at Immobilien Zeitung.

With version 3.2, these tools receive the following updates:

IZ Comparables

  • Comprehensive export of your search results.
  • Improved sorting of results by properties, distance, status, building type, rents, prices and yields.
  • 26,000+ properties and projects, of which 7,700+ provide purchase or rental prices and 1,800+ provide yield information

IZ Transactions (New!)

  • Grouped visualisation of transactions on a map
  • Statistics dashboard for a quick overview of rentals, sales and portfolio transactions: including allocation of properties/projects, distribution of asset classes, the top 10 cities, tenants and buyers.
  • 30,800+ property transactions (35,700+ in Germany), of which 21,700+ rental, 15,700+ purchase and 3,350+ portfolio purchase.

About IZ Research

IZ Research is a research and analysis toolset for the German real estate industry. Immobilien Zeitung has been working on the database since 2016 with the intention of making the German real estate market more transparent and providing the real estate industry with a comprehensive database. In addition to the comparables, the transaction database and the cities, IZ Research also includes a residential market analysis and an extensive database for real estate market reports (IZ-Reportfinder). All solutions are cloud-based and can be used worldwide at any time. Currently, 20 software developers, 15 researcher, who work closely with the 25-strong core editorial team of Immobilien Zeitung, as well as numerous experts from the areas of user experience and web architecture are working on the product. Find out more on auf Facebook, Twitter, im Blog oder auf

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