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With IZ Research, we offer the real estate industry exclusive access to specific real estate data on properties, the commercial investment and rental market, as well as additional comprehensive structural data on all German locations and market data on the asset classes office, retail, residential and hotel.

With its valid and comprehensive database, IZ Research does not only score points with the experts in terms of efficiency in the preparation of market and location analyses, but also in the determination of market risks and potentials. To round it all off, IZ Research offers the possibility of observing the competition as well as developing suitable target groups.

In addition to data export as an Excel list, with IZ Research we provide an interface for efficient data integration using.

IZ Research

We provide the data basis for your decision-making.

Our platform with five different applications offers the perfect data basis for the German real estate market with data and information on 30,000+ real estate properties and projects, 42,500+ real estate transactions and 12,500+ locations in Germany.

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Over 40 employees guarantee high and reliable quality and thus bundle extensive know-how from the specialist areas of research and data analysis, software development, web architecture, user interface and experience, as well as marketing and sales.

Jan Mucha

Managing Director

Ingeborg Maria Lang

Head Of Digital Research

Ingo Graser

Head of Software Development

IZ Research

Ensuring Current Data – Our Approach

IZ Research

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Real Estate Data on one Platform

Basis for your Sales Documents (Exposés)

Assistance for Real Estate and Portfolio Valuations

Support in Identifying the right Target Groups
Data on the Commercial Investment and Rental Market

Market and Structural Data

Collaborate with up to 6 User

Cloud-based Access 24/7

Diverse Export Options

Access to all the IZ World offers on www.iz.de

Trusted Service and Support

IZ Research API

Immediate and media-interruption-free access to IZ Research via interface for efficient data integration and support of digital processes.

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