Rental and Purchase Transactions in the Commercial Real Estate Industry at a Glance

  • Continuous compilation and preparation of national and international real estate transactions (2006 – today)
  • Wide range of selection options
    (incl. export function to Excel)
  • Detailed view of all available data from rental and purchase transactions as well as portfolio acquisitions


Quick Overview of Published Transactions

The Transactions application currently provides 42,300+ data records – these include 24,800+ rentals, 14,500+ purchases and 3,500+ portfolio acquisitions.

Individual filters enable a highly targeted search. Filter the data according to time period, asset class, property status, prices, size, buyer / tenant, landlord / agent.


Property Type





Detailed View of Transaction Data Records

For every transaction, we provide you with the essential key data, both in a table format or as news.

This includes, for example, the transaction date, the city, the property type, the volume of the transaction as well as information about the players involved and their roles (buyer, tenant, agent etc.).


Comprehensive Overview of the Existing Transaction Data


Transparent Figures


We update our database on a daily basis. Currently, around 14% of our complete data is from the last 12 months, which shows we are constantly striving to be better and quicker.


88 % of our transaction notifications come from Germany. The other 12% come from abroad, for example, from Austria, the Netherlands or France.


Up to 15 different property types and types of use can be selected, from office to retail to shopping centres and specific real estate types e. g. hotels & catering or care facilities.


A dedicated team of more than 40 staff members working every day to provide you with the most up-to-date and important data and facts about the real estate market.

Source: IZ Transactions Database. Status: 30.03.2020. No liability assumed for the accuracy of this information. For further questions please contact our Sales Team.

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