Use IZ Research for your project or thesis!

Are you a student in the real estate industry who needs real estate data to evaluate properties or analyse markets or locations as part of your project or thesis?

IZ Research

Research made easy on a single platform!

  • Let us be your researcher: We research all published data relevant to the real estate industry and bundle it for you on a single platform.
  • We provide market data, information and news about the German real estate market for your project or thesis.
  • You gain access to interesting city profiles, comprehensive data on properties as well as data on the transaction market.
  • All the data can be exported to Excel.

IZ Research

We provide the data basis for your successful graduation.

Our platform and its applications form the perfect data basis for the German real estate market with 227,000+ articles, 52,000+ transaction records, approx. 11,000 cities and 36,000+ properties.

Do you meet our requirements?


You are a real estate student and not older than 30.


The use of IZ Research is exclusively in the context of a thesis or a university project.


You can send us your matriculation certificate and a confirmation from your university.


We are excited to see the results of your project and look forward to your feedback as a user. These results and feedback may be used for the further development of IZ Research and editorially processed.

Apply for your free access today:

Download and complete the application, get it verified by your university / faculty and send it to us, together with a valid matriculation certificate (in pdf format) to


IZ Research

We are happy to support your studies.

We look forward to receiving your completed and confirmed application together with a valid matriculation certificate.

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