IZ Research - Free of Charge for your Thesis and Research Projects

We support students in the real estate industry with their final thesis as well as students working on projects by providing free access to IZ Research.

IZ Research

Knowing More
Deciding Better

IZ Research pools the extensive knowledge and digital know-how of the Immobilien Zeitung. We provide the real estate industry exclusive access to specific real estate data on properties, the commercial investment and rental market, as well as additional comprehensive structural data on all German locations and market data on the asset classes office, retail, residential and hotel.

Thanks to its reliable and comprehensive database, IZ Research not only score points with the experts in terms of efficiency for the preparation of market and location analyses, but also in determining market risks and potentials. Furthermore, IZ Research makes it possible to observe the competition as well as developing suitable target groups.

IZ Research

We provide the data basis, so you can make the right decisions.

Our platform, consisting of five different applications, offers the perfect data basis for the German real estate market with data and information on 30,000+ real estate properties and projects, 42,500+ real estate transactions and 12,500+ locations in Germany.

Our Requirements:


You are a real estate student and not older than 30.


The use is exclusively in the context of a thesis or a university project.


A certificate of matriculation and the verification of your university / faculty.


We are excited to see the results of your research. These can be used for the further development of IZ Research and additionally processed editorially.

How it works:

Download application, fill it out, have it verified by the university/faculty and send it together with a valid matriculation certificate to the following address:

IZ Immobilien Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
IZ-Research for Students / Sabine Krewel
PO Box 3420
65024 Wiesbaden

Or by e-mail (in PDF format) to:


IZ Research

We are happy to support your studies.

We look forward to receiving your completed and confirmed application together with a valid matriculation certificate.

Current Information and New Developments

IZ Research Logbook

Research Logbook
Immobilien Zeitung

Version 4.1: Update of the Structural and Market Data in IZ Cities

“April showers bring May flowers!” We at IZ Research like to be quick off the mark so we have decided to give our clients those May flowers already in April by providing our latest update of the Structural and Market Data in IZ Cities from 23 April 2021.

“Gaining an overview of a city’s key socio-economic factors often means that researchers and market analysts need to painstakingly compile data from a variety of sources. The better approach, however, is to use a single, well-structured and comprehensive data source that is automatically updated – and this is exactly what we have achieved with the new release of IZ Research,” says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research.

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Research Logbook
Immobilien Zeitung

Version 4.0: The German real estate market is international – IZ Research is now as well

IZ Research has reached another milestone with version 4.0. IZ Cities, IZ Properties as well as IZ Transactions are now also available in English. This means that IZ Research can provide real estate players coming from an international background even easier access to information on markets, locations and property data for the German real estate market.

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