IZ Research 3.0 – New features for all product groups

The Immobilien Zeitung sets new standards with version 3.0 of IZ Research. IZ Compareables now offers an estimated yield as well as the difference between properties and projects. The beta version of the new transaction database and an update of IZ Cities focuses on intuitive usability and an export function.

IZ Research supports experts and executives in the real estate industry, such as researchers, surveyors, valuers, financiers, asset managers, investors and project developers, in preparing well-founded property, market and location analyses. However, universities and other institutes also use the data basis for their research work. The detailed economic key figures such as purchase prices, yields, cash flows and vacancy rates are particularly helpful. Detailed information on purchase prices or rents is available for a total of 6,500 properties and projects in time series spanning several years.

Head of Digital Research: Ingeborg Maria Lang

„Experts from the real estate industry need a database that is easy to use and provides reliable content, in which extensive market and location research is possible in an uncomplicated way,“ explains Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research at Immobilien Zeitung. IZ Research responds to precisely this need. Here, comparables, property-specific location data and lists of potential business partners such as tenants or buyers can be researched intuitively via the interface. The IZ Research database, which is growing daily, now contains more than 24,500 commercial properties, over 37,000 transactions and structural data on more than 11,000 cities in Germany alone. In addition, there is office market data on more than 120 cities.

„With our offer, we want to help experts and executives in companies to be able to carry out property, market and location analyses with little research effort. In doing so, we improve transparency in the German real estate market at the same time,“ Ingeborg Maria Lang sums up. „In close cooperation with our clients, who share our vision and want to shape our offering together with us, IZ Research is continuously being developed further,“ Lang continues.

With version 3.0, these tools receive the following updates:

IZ Properties

With version 3.0, estimated returns were newly added to the IZ Properties in addition to the reported returns. The estimated yields are based on valuations of properties held by capital market-oriented corporations. Furthermore, as of version 3.0, project developments can also be easily searched.

Filter by properties and projects or by estimated return.

IZ Transactions

The transaction database provides a quick overview of the German investment and rental market based on more than 37,000 data records, of which around 35 per cent are from the past 24 months.

New in version 3.0 are enhanced filters and a comprehensive export function in addition to numerous detail improvements such as a map visualisation. The transactions is now clearly structured and consists of separate databases for purchase, rental and portfolio transactions.

Overview & export differentiated according to rentals, purchase and portfolio purchase.
Transactions in the surrounding area and difference between objects and projects.

IZ Cities

With the help of IZ Städte, version 3.0 allows you to generate a basic city ranking based on demographic data and data on the respective office property markets, which can be exported for further processing. In the coming versions, data series on additional asset classes such as the retail property market and the hotel property market will be added in the short term.

Intuitive user interface with numerous new filters.

IZ Housing Market Analysis

A totally revised and intuitively operable interface with more detailed possibilities for data entry (e.g. on structural assets, quality of fittings and modernisation measures) welcomes you at the beginning. But a lot has also happened in the background. For example, you can select „multi-family house or investment property“ as an additional property category. With the independent iib real estate benchmark, you receive a daily updated result for your residential property.

Who can use IZ Research?

IZ Research is in the service of all users of the Research package. For more information on IZ Research, visit www.iz-research.de.

Interested in IZ Research?

We would be pleased to show you how our research toolkit can help you reach your goal. Pick up the phone directly (0611/97326-77) or contact us via our

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