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IZ Research 2.4 – Improved filters in the IZ Comparables

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We are constantly working to make IZ Research as intuitive as possible for you. Based on feedback from our users, we have now redesigned the filtering by property in IZ Comparables. Now you can more easily search and find properties with specific main uses (e.g. a shopping centre) and/or identify specific sub-areas (e.g. hotels with a certain number of rooms or vacant units). We will tell you how to do this step by step in this article.

Note: For the best view of the preview films, please view them in full-screen mode and set the quality to 1080p (HD) in the YouTube settings of the respective video (via the “cogwheel”).

Find properties of a specific property type more easily

The Building Type filter in the IZ Comparables is now more focused on the essential asset classes of buildings: Looking for retail properties? You could already do that – albeit somewhat hidden under the category “commercial properties” – in the filter “building type”. Now we have simplified the filter structure: The filter “Retail”, for example, is immediately visible on the first level.

Are you looking in particular for specific retail properties such as shopping centres? The new building type filter of IZ Comparables also offers you this with one click. To do this, perform a search for a city, e.g. Germany, and search for the filter “Shopping Center/EKZ” under “Retail” – done. Now you can see all shopping centres known to us in Germany on the map and in the listing:

Find properties with specific surface types and sizes more easily

You can filter the IZ Comparables not only by building type, but now also by specific areas or area units with just a few clicks. You want to see hotels with more than 100 rooms in Germany? Therefore, open the filter Areas/vacancy and search for “Hotel”. You can now enter a value range at the top and select a unit below (e.g. sqm for retail space or number of rooms for hotels). This is how it works:

Find current vacancies more easily

Or are you interested in vacancies in office properties in 2019? You can also search for this in the IZ Comparables: First select “Office” in the “Building type” filter. Then open the area filter and select, for example, “Vacancy rate”. Enter the value you are looking for and add the time filter to filter by specific periods. You can then view the current and historical vacancy rates of individual properties on the detail pages:

We are looking forward to your feedback! Why not also visit us at our Expo stand and discuss your requirements for IZ Research with us.

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