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IZ Research 2.3 – Your opinion is important!

It is very important for us that you are able to work successfully and efficiently with IZ Research at all times. For this reason, we have integrated a feedback option (top right), which you can use to tell us what you think and need at any time.

Of course, we are particularly grateful for positive feedback, such as: “It’s great that there is now office market data for Offenbach and Oberursel! We are just as pleased to receive criticism if something has not gone so well, i.e. if you discover a possible error, for example: “I see an object in the comparables in the results overview, but the object page is not available. This is the only way we can continuously improve and make your next visit to IZ Research even better.

In addition, the following have been improved in the course of the new version 2.3: The Office Market Data now offers rent price ranges, forecasts and a faster way to empty charts.

Note: For the best viewing of the thumbnails, please view them in full-screen mode and set the quality to 1080p (HD) in the Youtube settings of the respective video (via the “cogwheel”).

Customer feedback by email

Your satisfaction is important to us! Therefore, you can now provide direct feedback within IZ Properties, IZ Transactions and IZ Cities. There are three topics to choose from: General, errors found or improvement requests. This is how it all works:

Your feedback will then reach us by email so that we can give you feedback as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Market Data: rent ranges and more

Rent ranges are now available within the office market data. The minimum rent and the top rent are taken into account to calculate the values:

In addition, now we show forecast values within the office market data table and the charts:

You can now click to deselect the charts for the development of individual office market data values – this also applies to the charts in the structure data table:

Current office market data sorted by city size


Berlin, Hamburg, München, Köln, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf


Dortmund, Essen, Leipzig, Bremen, Dresden, Hannover, Nürnberg, Duisburg, Bochum, Bonn, Münster, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Wiesbaden


Wuppertal, BielefeldAugsburg, MönchengladbachBraunschweig, Kiel, Aachen, Magdeburg, FreiburgLübeck, Mainz, Erfurt, Rostock, Saarbrücken, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Potsdam, OsnabrückHeidelberg, Darmstadt, Regensburg, Offenbach am Main, Erlangen


Gelsenkirchen, Chemnitz, Halle (Saale), Krefeld, Oberhausen, Kassel, Hagen, Hamm, Ludwigshafen, Oldenburg, Leverkusen, SolingenHerne, Neuss, PaderbornIngolstadt, WürzburgFürth, UlmHeilbronnGöttingenBottrop, KoblenzBremerhaven, Jena, TrierSalzgitterKaiserslautern, SchwerinRatingenFlensburgBayreuthGießen, Fulda, Stralsund

Unclassified Cities

Ludwigsburg, Esslingen am Neckar, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Oberursel (Taunus)

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