Housing Market Analysis

Enter an address, define the property and receive your housing market analysis.

  • Neutral, independent and objective at a fair market price
  • Decide between purchase/rent and house/apartment
  • Up-to-date analysis of the property market
  • Including the independent iib Real Estate Reference Value

Housing Market Analysis

A Secure Basis for Decisions

The IZ Housing Market Analysis in cooperation with the iib Dr. Hettenbach Institute provides important key figures such as offering prices and sale prices of comparable properties at a glance, as well as information on price development and price ranges (selected by house type and year of construction). The offer is complemented by a detailed analysis of the location quality of the property as well as information on the expected duration of the offer. When buying or selling real estate, it is essential to know the exact value of the property. Based on official calculation procedures, the iib Dr. Hettenbach Institute has developed the iib Immobilien-Richtwert, a method to calculate the current daily value of the property which is empirically sound and based on residential location. The iib Institute has thus provided a secure basis for decision-making for all participants in the market.


At a glance

On just a few pages, receive up-to-date important key figures that influence the sale or rental price of your property, such as:

  • iib Property Reference Value,
  • Quality of residential location,
  • Offered prices in the immediate neighbourhood as well as
  • Price development in the respective city

The summary is available free of additional charge with every long version or is part of our subscription packages. Find more information on the respective packages at www.iz.de/abo.

See all services of the short and long version in comparison clearly presented in the table below.

>> Download Housing Market Analysis Example (Summary)

White Label

Your Own Design for the IZ Housing Market Analysis

The perfect solution for Sales, Project Developers and Property Developers for dialogues with clients – the IZ Housing Market Analysis in your own corporate design as a White Label Solution.

According to the iib Institut, the iib reference value for real estate deviates only slightly from the actual market value!

We are happy to offer the following customization for you:

  • Layout and design of the cover page with your corporate design
  • Custom introduction to present your company
  • Your company logo added to every page

Request an offer for your customized Housing Market Analysis using our Contact Form.

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>> Download an example (White Label)

Power Package

Book and Save

  • Save at least 40% per Housing Market Analysis (depending on Power Package).
  • One Package = Many Users: Give your team the possibility to also use the Power Package.
  • Parallel observation of multiple properties.
  • Secure a 6% discount: Receive a discount of 3% for a 6-month payment in advance or 6% discount for an annual payment in advance.

Request an offer for your Power Package via our 
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Decide exactly which Housing Market Analysis is right for you

* Depending on the subscription, included free of charge as part of the Premium and Research Packages. Further information at www.iz.de/abo.

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