Germany-Wide Evaluation of Markets and Locations

  • Develop a feeling for the market thanks to pooled data about locations
  • Up-to-date structural data e.g. on demographics, the labour market and the use of space
  • Extensive data about the office, retail, hotel and residential markets at a glance
  • Wide range of selection options (incl.export function to Excel)


Structural and Market Data for all German Cities and Municipalities

The Cities application enables quick and comprehensive access to detailed data on demographics, the distribution of households, the labour market and the use of space.

In addition, it provides an optimal basis of data for the analysis and evaluation of your market and investment strategies, including structural and market data on the asset classes office, retail, residential and hotels.


Structural data from cities and municipalities
Cities offers a quick overview of relevant demographic data, purchasing power, household distribution, real estate and construction, the job market, tax revenue and the use of space.

Market data from the most important providers
Office property data also include information on top and average rents, yields, space and vacancies data for all A, B and C cities.

In addition to the purchasing power index, pedestrian frequency or the space take-up rate, the most important KPIs for the retail trade are also available to you. In the hotel asset class, you can retrieve 15 relevant key figures, such as the average daily room price or the occupancy rate. Rental and purchase prices for all German cities with a population of 5,000 or more are available in the residential asset class.

IZ Cities

Develop a Feeling for the Market and Competition at a Specific Location

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