Ensuring Current Data Our Approach

We have been specializing in researching real estate market-related news, information and data with a team of researchers and data analysts since 2016. The data is researched carefully and according to a strict methodology, validated in close cooperation with the editorial team of the Immobilien Zeitung and then fed into the IZ Research platform.

Property-Related Data and Transaction Notifications

Property-related data and transaction notifications which we collect from the articles from the editors at IZ and other publications from the Deutscher Fachverlag dfv such as Textilwirtschaft, Lebensmittel Zeitung or AHGZ,  are added to IZ Research on a daily basis.

Transaction and Project Reports

Transaction and project reports, which additionally reach us by different media or are researched by our data editors, can be found on IZ Research no later than four days after validation of the report. In this case, quality is also more important than quantity.

Transaction and Property Data

Transaction and property data from fund and annual reports are continuously collected – depending on the date of publication – and immediately added to IZ Research after being processed.
In doing so, we guarantee the highest possible degree of up-to-date information, which our collection process allows.

Structural Data

The update cycle of the structural data currently consists of a main update by the end of the third quarter of the year at the latest. Throughout the year, we consistently carry out updates,
which are dependent on the provision of data from the various survey offices in particular from DeStatis and the Federal Employment Agency.

Market Data

The market data for the asset classes office, retail, residential and hotel are imported at the beginning of the current year. The same applies for quarterly and half-yearly figures published during the year.

Our Approach

The data imported into IZ Research is selected, compiled and evaluated with the greatest possible
care. In doing so, IZ Research sets and maintains a high market standard.

IZ Research API

Immediate and media-interruption-free access to IZ Research via interface for efficient data integration and support of digital processes.

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