Research Logbook

Version 4.1: Update of the Structural and Market Data in IZ Cities

“April showers bring May flowers!” We at IZ Research like to be quick off the mark so we have decided to give our clients those May flowers already in April by providing our latest update of the Structural and Market Data in IZ Cities from 23 April 2021.

“Gaining an overview of a city’s key socio-economic factors often means that researchers and market analysts need to painstakingly compile data from a variety of sources. The better approach, however, is to use a single, well-structured and comprehensive data source that is automatically updated – and this is exactly what we have achieved with the new release of IZ Research,” says Ingeborg Maria Lang, Head of Digital Research.

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Research Logbook

Version 4.0: The German real estate market is international – IZ Research is now as well

IZ Research has reached another milestone with version 4.0. IZ Cities, IZ Properties as well as IZ Transactions are now also available in English. This means that IZ Research can provide real estate players coming from an international background even easier access to information on markets, locations and property data for the German real estate market.

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Research Logbook

Version 3.5: Market data complemented by residential asset class and individual city rankings possible

From now on, you can find the housing market data for 2,930+ German cities and municipalities on the detail pages* of IZ Standorte and IZ Comparables – perfect for customers who need information on the current and forecast development of housing demand as well as assessments of the price situation. Furthermore, a new feature enables you to compare cities in IZ Standorte in a targeted manner.

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Hotel Market Data (City Overview)

Status: 12.10.2020 Tip: Use [STR] + [F] (Windows) or [CMD] + [F] (Mac), to quickly search for a city. AachenAugsburg Bad Homburg vor der HöheBerlinBielefeldBochumBonnBraunschweigBremen Chemnitz DarmstadtDortmundDresdenDuisburgDüsseldorf ErfurtErlangenEssen

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Die IZ-Research API

Unmittelbarer und medienbruchfreier Zugriff auf IZ Research mittels Schnittstelle zur effizienten Datenintegration und Unterstützung digitaler Prozesse.

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Sofort und ohne Login erhalten Sie mit unserer Demoversion einen Einblick in unser Tool IZ Research anhand der Stadt Hannover (inkl. Städte, Objekte und Transaktionen).

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