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New API for structural and market data on IZ Cities

We have also significantly expanded the data content of our technical interface (API). You can now also access all structural data as well as market data on the asset classes office, retail, hotel, industry & logistics and residential, which are displayed on the detailed pages of IZ Cities, via API. The data content and data volume offered reflect the current data scope of IZ Cities.

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New asset class – Now with market data on logistics & industry

IZ Cities now offers market data on all major asset classes. By adding data on logistics & industry, IZ Research has further enhanced its coverage. From now on, you will not only find market data on the asset classes office, retail, hotel and residential in IZ Cities, but also on logistics & industry.

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Market Overview: Heat in Urban Areas and its Consequences

Sustainability starts with the right choice of location. Recent summers have been marked by prolonged heat waves, drought and extreme weather conditions such as violent thunderstorms, heavy rain and flooding . The experts at the German Meteorological Service and other climate researchers agree: such extreme weather conditions will become more frequent , as the consequences of climate change will also become increasingly visible in Germany.

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Die IZ-Research API

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