Seamless Integration of IZ Research into your Data Infrastructure

  • Direct and media-interruption-free access to data from IZ Research
  • Automation of recurring evaluation routines
  • Interface for efficient data integration

IZ Research API

Data Integration

The integration of external data into one’s own internal data system is usually resource-intensive, time-consuming and prone to errors. This problem can be optimally solved by IZ Research API.

The documentation of the API is based on the OpenAPI 3 specification. To access the documentation and try out the API, we provide a Swagger-generated interface at api.iz-research.de.

IZ Research API

Immediate and media-interruption-free access to IZ Research via interface for efficient data integration and support of digital processes.

Test it now without a login using the example city of Hanover

Demo Version

Take a look directly into our tool without a login, using our demo version of IZ Research based on the city of Hanover (incl. Cities, Properties and Transactions).

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Full Access

Request free access to IZ Research for 72 hours with no obligation to buy. Access all applications and functions.