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Always up-to-date with our newly added “News” feature

Always up-to-date with our newly added “News” feature

Are you looking for access to a news and source archive in the same high editorial quality as the IZ? Would you like to receive the latest ad hoc information on the most interesting news stories? “News” gives you full access to the entire news and source archive of IZ Research.

In 2021, we received a growing number of requests for an integrated news and source archive in addition to the standard data analysis. This archive would ideally be integrated into the IZ Research application and would make it no longer necessary to constantly jump back and forth from IZ Research to Another wish was to be able to see an overview of information on regional real estate markets and to find out in real time which transactions are currently taking place in a particular city.

Our newly added “News” feature in IZ Research provides immediate access to all published news from the Immobilien Zeitung and numerous sister publications from the dfv media group, as well as other news from third party sources, both daily and backdated to the year 2000. This gives you ad hoc access to all published news at a glance about a property or player known to us and allows you to compile your own personal and individual news portfolio with the help of a wide range of selection options.

At the same time, you can also use our new “Follow” function to follow your own individual search queries and to receive the latest news by email, whether about property sales, rentals, properties, companies or key individuals. You can decide whether you would like to receive the latest information immediately upon publication, daily or weekly by email.

“The possibility to follow news on selected topics gives our clients an information edge over the market and optimally complements their conventional market analysis by means of IZ Research data,” says Ingeborg Maria Lang (Head of Digital Research).

The new application as well as the email itself is, like the entire IZ Research platform, available in both German and English. Furthermore, you can also access the entire news & sources via our IZ Research API and integrate them into your own applications and tools.

Find more information about the new feature called “News” on our page. Interested in a test? Please contact our sales department directly at

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